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Alabama Veterans Affairs Association is the oldest nonprofit organization of its kind, founded in 1974, dedicated to serving our educational professionals that serve our military students and their families. AVAA has become the foremost training and networking organization for professionals administering educational benefits for Veterans and other eligible persons.

What can AVAA do for you?

Laws, rules and procedures that relate to education benefits are frequently modified. AVAA in partnership with the Alabama Education Liaison Representative, State Approving Agency, Regional Processing Staff and other agencies ensure that you're informed of these updates and changes.

Networking for School Officials

Although the GI Bill regulations are federal and policy and procedures are supposed to be uniform, individual practices will vary from one institution to another. What is your best practice? What is a benchmark that could be best for your institution? Just ask! Sometimes the best information and help comes from conversation and networking with someone in the same position as you. AVAA provides a helpful forum through our annual conference to compare notes with other schools as to what works and what may not.

Training, Answers & Resources

One thing you can be assured of as an AVAA member is that you will have the opportunity to hear a lot about the VA and VA processes. You will also have the opportunity to receive answers to tough questions directly from those state and fedeal agencies at the AVAA conference. Whether it's hands-on training with new systems or review of office procedures, AVAA's goal is to ensure you have received information to make you an effect and knowledgable asset to our Veteran and dependent population.

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