According to the Constitution of the Alabama Veterans Affairs Association:

A membership shall consist of advisors, counselors, etc., connected directly in a staff and/or faculty position with Veterans’ Affairs in an educational institution within the State of Alabama.

Associate membership will consist of any person that works with veterans’ affairs in any capacity. Voting privileges will be given to these people if they keep up payment of dues.

Honorary membership will consist of any person whom the Executive Board feels has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of veterans’ programs.

The membership period shall begin on January 1 of each new year and end December 31 of that same year.

To remain in good standing a member’s dues and fees must be paid as defined below.

The Executive Board shall determine the annual dues per person annually.  ( $75.00 per year)
All dues must be current to maintain voting privileges. Delinquent dues will constitute loss of voting privileges. There will be a 60 days grace period whereby a person may pay his dues, regain voting privileges, and maintain membership. If, at the end of this period above, dues are not paid, membership will be forfeited. 

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