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Board of Directors - Job Responsibilities


The President shall:

  1. Be chief executive officer of AVAA;

  2. With the approval of AVAA direct the budget;

  3. Be an ex-officio member of all state committees.

  4. Be responsible for calling, developing, designing, and distributing the agenda for each board meeting.



The Vice President –Membership shall:

  1. Be the official representative of the President at all meetings which the President is unable to attend;

  2. Be primarily responsible for liaison and coordination of legislative and public affairs;

  3. Perform other duties as directed by the President.

  4. Be responsible for coordination of all efforts to increase the membership of the AVAA.

  5. Within (60) days following the annual convention, provide the membership a roster of names, addresses, and phone numbers of all members.



The Vice President-Training shall:

  1. Be responsible for developing and maintaining a mentoring program;

  2. Be responsible for developing and maintaining training materials;

  3. Perform other duties as directed by the President.



The Past-President shall:

  1. Serve as a full member of the executive board.

  2. The Past-President will have voting privileges.

(In the event that the most recent Past-President is unable to serve on the Executive Board for AVAA, the position would be filled at the discretion of the current President, subject to 2/3 majority approval of the Executive Board. The position can only be filled by someone that previously served in the role of President of AVAA.)



The Secretary shall:

  1. Be responsible for the minutes of all meetings including executive meetings;

  2. Be responsible for providing a copy of all minutes to be posted on the AVAA Website.

  3. Be responsible for the maintenance of all official documents, including all minutes, by-laws and policies and procedures.



The Treasurer shall:

  1. Record all financial transactions of the AVAA;

  2. Make a quarterly report containing a list of all receipts and disbursements and the location of property these finances represent;

  3. Store and maintain all financial records in an organized form which can be used to file for taxes each year;

  4. File appropriate annual postcard with the IRS in order to re-confirm 501c(3) tax status;

  5. Store and maintain equipment used for accepting credit cards; possess and be responsible for AVAA debit card.



The Historian shall:

  1. Keep in permanent form the history of the Association.

  2. Maintain the historical documents, forms, letters, and photographs, of the Association in chronological order and take the necessary steps to insure their preservation.

  3. Provide for a photographic record of each event and activity of the Association.

  4. Prepare a display of Association historical information to be presented at annual meetings of the membership.

  5. Present a report on the status of all Historian activities and duties at the beginning of each Executive Board meeting.




The Regional Representatives: North, Central and South shall:

  1. Maintain contact with School Certifying Officials in the geographical region represented and assist with questions from members.

  2. Bring any concerns from members in the geographical region to the Board for discussion.

  3. Assist with the AVAA Annual Conference and other training meetings, planning, preparation, and production.

  4. Shall be the standing committee chairs.

  5. The regional representative would be responsible for choosing the committee members.

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