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According to the Constitution of the Alabama Veterans Affairs Association:


  • A membership shall consist of advisors, counselors, etc., connected directly in a staff and/or faculty position with Veterans’ Affairs in an educational institution.


  • Associate membership will consist of any person that works with veterans’ affairs in any capacity. Voting privileges will be given to these people if they keep up payment of dues.


  • Honorary membership will consist of any person whom the Executive Board feels has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of veterans’ programs.


Membership is based on calendar year - January 1 through December 31 of the same year.

To remain in good standing a member’s dues and fees must be paid as defined below:


  • The Executive Board shall determine the annual dues per person annually.  ($75.00 per year)

  • All dues must be current to maintain voting privileges.

  • Delinquent dues will constitute loss of voting privileges. There will be a 60 days grace period whereby a person may pay his dues, regain voting privileges, and maintain membership. If, at the end of this period above, dues are not paid, membership will be forfeited. 

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