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Travel Reimbursement Policy

AVAA will reimburse any board member whose school will not pay for their expenses to attend a board meeting under the following terms.

  1. Board member(s) will need to provide written proof of the school’s refusal to pay for travel and/or overnight lodging from the respective Board Member’s direct supervisor or the school’s policy which states that these board meeting’s expense will not be covered.

  2. Lodging will be reimbursed in the equivalent of one night’s per diem for state employees (whatever rate is current at that time) or the actual cost of room, whichever is LESS. Copy of receipt for lodging will be required.

  3. Gas for travel will be reimbursed at actual cost as documented by receipts. To calculate amount of gas used, Board member(s) will start with a full tank.  Arrive at location of meeting, then top-off tank. Keep gas receipt. Return home and top-off tank again. Keep receipt. Turn in the 2 gas receipts for reimbursement.

  4. No allowance for food will be issued.

  5. No advance money can be issued.

  6. If the travel and accommodations are paid by the school at a later date, the Board Member(s) are expected to repay AVAA the amount the AVAA paid the Board Member(s).

  7. All receipts and documentation must be received by treasurer within 3 weeks after the date of the meeting.

  8. Receipts and documentation of need should be kept on file by treasurer for no less than 5 years from date of Board Meeting.


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